Monday, February 08, 2016

Great Minds, Great Solutions!

Anyone who has ever sewn on a vintage singer machine has probably cursed and futzed with that singular one toe button that makes the machine GO.

it has often left me wondering about the women of that era.

Were there feet really that narrow?

What was the point of having TWO buttons, one stationary and one  that depresses to bring current to the machine to make it go?

It’s actually a pretty great design if you know to put your foot on the SOLID button first, and then ROCK your foot so the side of the foot presses down on the button.

But we’ve gone one step furhter here!

This foot adapterwas brought to the Bunkhouse in Quitman Texas and I thought it was ingenious!

Especially if you can put some non-skid stuff on the bottom to keep your foot from sliding all over the place!

We all got out our cameras and took photos from every angle.

Galaxy Gram! Off to LAX!

This post was supposed to come by laptop, but zero connection in Greensboro , early flight, everything has worked against me this morning!

Heading to LA has me all over with smiles and hopes of warmth and sunshine!

I was able to finish this morning's blog post while sitting here at the gate -- I've set it to post a bit after 9am eastern so be watching for it. This little galaxy gram was in case the post didn't go!  Whew!

I will leave you with this thought of the day, and catch up from the other side!

Sending this from the plane in Atlanta!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Sunday, February 07, 2016

A Bit of A&E Fun!

Where do you shop for fabric if you are near Gulf Shores, Alabama?

Just over the border in Pensacola, Florida at A&E Pharmacy!

This was my second time here, as I was also in this area in January of 2014, so I knew what to expect –and I couldn’t wait!

You can read that flashback HERE.

In anticipation of this trip I had posted to Facebook “Rumor has it there will be a stop at A&E Pharmacy on my way to the airport”  And while those who KNEW what was in store were clamoring with shouts of “Hooray!” Those who didn’t….well, they assumed I had contracted some Deep South Ailment and was off for medication!

While it might say A&E Pharmacy on the sign, there are actually 3 sections to this wonderland!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Three Wonky Wishes Come True!

Well, I waited all day.

I printed invoices, I printed labels, I have shipping containers all ready to roll.

I did everything I could to be ready should the cases of patterns arrive on my doorstep so they would be ready to mail on Monday, but they just didn’t come!

I have accepted that fact, and I hope you will too – those of you who placed orders for Wonky Wishes when I announced that they were in the warehouse.  It just takes longer to get to North Carolina from California than I thought!

Rest assured, these patterns will ship out as soon as I return from this next trip –I know they will be here by then!

Some Very Very Texas Show & Share!

Could it really be a week ago already since I was in the midst of teaching at Stitchin’ Heaven’s Bunk House in Quitman, Texas?

And how many times I have had to REMOVE the L from the middle of QUITMAN as I have typed it because it always comes out like QUILTMAN!?

I think they should just make it easy on all of us and change the name to QUILTMAN, right?

One of the things I love about the great state of Texas is the love they abundantly share for their state, and its history.  You can’t go anywhere in Texas without seeing flags waving.  Did you know that The Republic of Texas was an independent sovereign country in North America that existed from March 2, 1836, to February 19, 1846?

When someone remarks that “Texas thinks they are their own country!”  Well, they have been!  But they are also very proud of the USA and you will often find both flags flying as seen here – this photo was taken on one of our lunch time walks on a beautiful sunny day. 

Things are also very big in Texas – okay, not as big as Alaska, but still, Texas big!  And Texas quilters make big quilts!

Friday, February 05, 2016

Jared Takes a Wife in Gulf Shores, AL!

This photo is entitled “One of these things is NOT like the others!”

I had to stop and pose with all of the SUSANS in the room! LOL!

And while this was quite funny –there are always a lot of Susans, and Lindas, and Jeans or Joans -

This two days proved to have THREE Bonnies in the same room on two days in a row!  And on the second day, the 3rd Bonnie was really a 4th Bonnie as one Bonnie replaced another who was only there for the first day.  How crazy is that?

I’ve rarely been in a room with more than one Bonnie, but to have 4 of us over the past two days was really quite fun.

I got to understand what it feels like when someone says “Hey, Bonnie!”  and three of us turn our heads and say “What?!”  LOL!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Roll Roll Cotton Boll, Gulf Shores Style!

Meet Susan!

And meet Susan’s inner 8 year old!

Susan brought along this fabulous picture of herself as a young child, picking cotton while on a trip from the south to the north.

Watching fields of fluffy white cotton bolls pass outside of her car window as they drove, she begged and begged for the car to stop pleading

“Please, please!  I just need to pick some cotton. I just HAVE to pick some cotton!  Please, let me!  Please!”

Of course she was relating this story to us putting on her sweetest southern-drawl-filled 8 year old voice, to peals of laughter from all of us rapt with her story.

Little did her parents know that cotton was indeed going to play an important roll in Susan’s life as a quilter!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Some Hotel Sewing Goodness!

This is what is in front of me tonight.

My pieces and parts for the plus blocks I am making in the APQ Quilt-Along with American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine.

Are you in on it too?

You can do any kind of a block with an obvious + in it, and there are plenty of ideas in the current issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, and Quilts & More magazines.

I wrote about my participation and about the Quilt Along in this post.

Strip sets were sewm over the past few trips up to the cabin, and I used my acccquilt studio to subcut my strip sets so the units are ready to sew together.

They traveled with me to Texas and Alabama in zip lock bags ready for a night of hotel sewing.

Last night upon my arrival to Gulf Shores, Alabama, I really thought I would just throw myself on the bed and call it an early night, but after about a 20 minute rest, I got very curious to see what was IN that familiar little black box that was perched on the bench at the end of my bed.

Oh, I knew what was in the box…

But I didn’t expect to see a bright turquoise foot pedal when I opened the lid!

Tumbling at the Bunkhouse!

Of COURSE we are going to include a Texas Tumbleweed workshop in Texas!

And of course we are going to  make it an extra fun day with friends and fabric, loads of chatter and laughter, making memories as we go!

Some have been friends for years and years, some have met some new friends over this past week through these workshops, and they are already planning to meet up in Houston for Festival in the fall.

No matter how much we love our machines and quilt stuff – the friends are the best reason of all to keep doing what we keep doing!

I had a wonderful time out at the Bunkhouse in Quitman, such a memorable time for me since I first retreated at the bunk house in 1999 upon moving to Sulphur Springs.  Such great memories!

And I owe all of this past week to this lady: