Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Talkin’ Turkey in Tampa–All Day Long!

Flocks of flying Geese!

Gaggles of String Blocks!

Oodles of neutrals and reds – or whatever color you have chosen.

Here I am with Patti, whom I first met on an email list serve for quilters  in 1997.  Were any of YOU on a group called Interquilt back in the day?

I first joined when The Hubster convinced me that we HAD to have internet at the house.  Dial up!  I didn’t think we did – I mean, what would I need to be on the internet for?

But when he showed me that there was Quilt Stuff “ONLINE” during a visit to his office---I finally relented.

And look at us now, 18 years later!

Winners! Quilts from 100 Blocks, Spring 2015

Today is the day that this wonderful issue with 19 quilts and 4 bonus table runners hits a newsstand near you!

Today is the day that two lucky readers each win a copy from ME!

Exciting, Exciting!

This issue is jam packed with quilty goodness, something for everyone and I know you are going to want to pick up a copy.

I’m getting ready here to fire up the Random Number Generator – hoping hoping hoping that everyone who entered did what they should – that they left an email address whereby they can be contacted ---that they also left a name if signing as anonymous.

Nothing is more frustrating than drawing a number, scrolling scrolling scrolling through 1 ,368 entries  ((Yes!  One Thousand Three Hundred & Sixty Eight Entries!!)) only to have to draw again because that person assumed their email address was visible when it wasn’t.

If you are unsure…click the Blog Helps tab at the top of the blog and find out how to fix it so you don’t miss out!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Galaxy-Gram Talkin Turkey Tampa Style!

Today's class could have been called Turkey Trotting!  

Or Turkey Running! 

Or Turkey Marathon!

This complicated looking quilt is really only 3 units:

A center 9 patch placed on point with string triangles and framed by a border of flying geese, bricks and squares.

We used the Easy Angle Ruler and Companion Angle Ruler for the flying geese units, and I loved the squeals of delight and whoops of excitement when things came out the right size so easily!

Sunday Afternoon and Virginia Bound!

Yes, it was THIS kind of day!

A perfect day for sewing up the strings, Virginia Bound style!

A Sunday afternoon workshop going from 1pm to 7pm after a relaxing morning at the hotel puttering with a borrowed featherweight machine.

Just a great day for playing and laughing and making some beautiful blocks!

I also had my first run in with a sand crane….those guys are HUGE!!  As he walked past the window, head bobbing, beady eye watching what was going on inside the building.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Cathedral Stars All Day in Tampa!

Rain Rain Rain!

Fall if you may ---

The Cypress Creek Quilters ---

Are Quilting ALL DAY!

Thank heavens the library we were meeting at has a covered front entry so we could unload all of our boxes and bags and totes full of stuff in dry covered comfort ---no one had to sew with wet fabric!

Yesterday’s class was an all time favorite –Cathedral Stars.

Such a great Scrap Buster – 4 patches, half square triangles and tri recs units….fun with rulers, new to some, and some fine tuning for others made for a great day.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Cathedral Stars and the Cypress Creek quilters!

It rained all day!

Not just a little bit of rain, but more like steady sheets and showers of rain.

But we didn't mind! 

We were inside with our machines and our fabric and our tools and our gadgets and all of our new friends, and we were having a ball making Cathedral Stars units.

It's what we do!

We don't have to explain it to anyone, it's who we are!

And we all get it, don't we?

Oh, Sweet Darling Quilts!

After our fabulous lunch on the water at Chart House yesterday in Tampa –I was escorted to the haven of Lutz, Florida --

Home of Sweet Darling Quilts!

And a darling of a shop it is!

Great classroom space, groups that meet for workshops for quilting, or doing wool applique work, always friendly happy faces going in and out.

While some shops are huge and overwhelming, I felt right at home the moment I walked through Sweet Darling’s door.

You will find fabrics from a variety of genres from civil war to 1930s to Downton Abbey to brights and basics.

There is something for everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2015

An Afternoon in Tampa! Let the Fun Begin!

If you saw this scene up on some silver screen, looking all other-worldly and other-timely ---what would you imagine would come riding out of the mist?

It was eerily foggy this morning – with temps below freezing.  The fog hung low to the ground, but a blue sky was doing its best to shine above, thanks to the help and efforts of a determined sun beginning to rise.

This was my view out of the window at one of the vacant gates at the airport in Greensboro as I waited to board my fight to Atlanta – the first stop on my trip to Tampa, Florida.

Camels could come riding out of that mist?  Or maybe ORKS from Lord of the Rings.  Or maybe knights on white horses?

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Spring 2015! ((Give-Away!))


***Note!***  This Give-Away has Ended!  Congrats to our two lucky winners!

I love Give-Aways!

Don’t You?

Oh, the anticipation!

The dreaming!

The waiting!

The plotting!

The planning!

And this one is a good one, let me tell you!

I arrived home from the cabin after our Tuesday Snow-Day to find a package containing not one of these issues, but TWO!!

This is Quilts from Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks, the Spring 2015 edition, and let me tell you – it is cram packed with such goodies, you are going to want need a copy for yourself!

We all love the 100 blocks issues, but actually seeing what quilters do with the patterns from these issues takes them from BLOCK perspective to QUILT POSSIBILITIES!

Just look at this: