Monday, April 27, 2015

All the Spokane Show & Share!

My favorite part of all!

It’s about YOU!  it’s about what you’ve made, and I know all of the hard work, hopes and dreams that went into sewing each piece – all the while life was churning wildly around you.

It’s no small feat to finish a quilt ---we work at it a bit here, a bit there –those small moments that we claim for ourselves.  The other moments?  Jobs, Family, Kids, Grandkids, Fur-kids, aging parents, other life situations that pull at us so much –but this is the time when we recharge our batteries.

A few moments to cut some pieces here.  A couple of hours to sew some pieces there.

And at the end of it all, we have something beautifully amazing to share, like this lovely Orca Bay quilt from String Fling!

I just love her use of orange and turquoise!  So yummy!

I took several photos while in Spokane – some at the meetings, several during the workshops, so pour yourself a cuppa and prepare to be inspired!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Short Photo Post!

This is a short photo post before they close the boarding door!

One more flight to go-

Spokane to Seattle to Atlanta to Greensboro!

Home soon!

A Spokane Smith Mountain Morning Day!

Let your Quilty Love Shine!

And we surely had the Quilty Love flowing in our Smith Mountain Morning workshop yesterday with the Washington State Quilt Guild in Spokane!

I love the dedication that quilters embody.

Who else would drive all the way from Whidbey Island ---a 375 mile jaunt one way to spend a couple days sewing together?

Who else would come from Calgary, Canada?

Or Montana?

Or La Grande, Oregon?

Or any other far away place just to gather together with a bunch of strangers for a couple days workshops…

Only we aren’t strangers anymore!  That’s the BEST thing about being a quilter –we aren’t strangers for long!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Spokane Smith Mountain Morning!

Hello from Spokane!

We had absolutely the most bestest ((yes,  that is a word in my book! )) day today!

Most fun of all was the group of Canadians who actually joined the guild so they could road trip 8 hours from Calgary and come to the workshop!

This little feat now makes the Washington State Quilters an INTERNATIONAL guild!

Half square triangles!   Quarter square triangles! Tri Recs units!   Log cabin rectangles! We did it all and had a great time doing it.

I love these ladies and hope to see them all again!

Texas Braids, Spokane Style!

“If it’s STILL Ugly, you didn’t cut it SMALL enough!”

This has been my buzz phrase for more than 15 years, and it’s STILL my mantra!

I love how it makes folks giggle, while giving their brain a dose of reality.  It’s true!

By the time you cut up that languishing fat quarter, that old and out-dated piece of VIP calico that has been hanging around in the deep stash since 1984 ---it’s not so bad anymore!

Texas Braid from Adventures with Leaders & Enders is the perfect project for making a wonderfully fun scrappy quilt from the dregs of the scraps, and it ALWAYS looks wonderful!

All we were doing is separating our scraps into two color families…..neutrals/colors  or if you want to think of it as light/dark that is okay too!

We filled the conference room at the Spokane center to capacity with 46 quilters, machines, fabric, notions, tools – and happy laughter.

This is such an easy workshop that everyone got long lengths done and had so much to share.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Texas Braid Friday!

Great day with Washington State Quilters in Spokane, Washington!

We sewed all day long and made so much progress!

Braids are extra fun when made from scraps, cut ahead of time and ready to sew.
Students are encouraged to swap rectangles with other students to increase their variety! It was an awesome day and I will be seeing lots of these folks again tomorrow for our Smith Mountain Morning workshop.

I keep forgetting what time it is back home since I am three hours earlier here on the West Coast, and I know this is posting late according to the time I regularly post - but I need to stick with the time zone I'm in otherwise it's way too confusing!

We are out for a bite to eat with several of the class members, and then back to the hotel room for some easy piecing on a borrowed featherweight tonight.

And They Came to Spokane!

Spokane is such a wonderful city – a hidden gem to many.Yesterday was beautifully April, and we headed out at 10:30 am to set up for the Quarterly meetings of the Washington State Quilters.

Living in Idaho the many years that I have, spending my first couple of married years in not-too-far-away Prosser, Washington ((Where I encountered my first EVER quilt shop!)) I never had the opportunity to make it this far north to this beautiful area tucked into the mountains along the Idaho pan handle.

This place is AWESOME!

When I asked Lexi how many quilt shops they had in the area….she ran out of fingers to count them on.

How do you spell LUCKY?

The Washington State Quilters Guild meets 4 times a year, Quarterly and their members are many.  The Quarterly meetings have both a 1pm meeting, and for those who work, a 7pm session as well.

I was floored when I looked up from a packed book signing table to see this:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Piecing on my Alone Time!

When one wakes up at 5:30am, and isn’t being picked up until 10:30am one has time to SEW!

5:30 may sound early, but it is actually 7:30 Wichita time – so I’m considering the 8 hours I got as a total WIN WIN WIN in the sleep department!

I’m writing this little ditty to post ahead, as I’ll be busy with two lectures on Pacific West Coast Time ---and I wanted to share what I got done this morning.

So here we are!

I only packed one piecing project knowing that I wouldn’t have time to sew in Wichita.  That was a crazy trip with hardly time to sleep, let alone sew!

But this morning….my soul was centered by some simple piecing of my on-point 4 patch units.

All the Kansas Show & Share Goodies!

Those Kansas Quilters sure know how to produce beautiful quilts!

The quilt shown here is Star Struck from the Free Patterns tab  at the top of the blog.

It was a super quick visit to the Sunflower State, but I took SO many photos of gorgeous quilts, many being started with my last visit 3 or 4 years ago, and several mysteries as well!

Midwest winters can be long and hard, and what better way to make it through those cold cold months than to be sewing along with friends! 

Those who don’t quilt are missing out on our secret to a happy life, aren’t they?

Making something beautiful lowers stress!  Creating, making ----all of the color, all of the texture, and the joy of putting it together is balm for our souls.  Gifting and giving the creations of our hands and hearts also fills us with joy, because quilting is indeed a loving giving thing.