Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Night I Ate My Face! HA!

I can honestly say that I have never had a cake with my own face on it!

How fun is this?

Thank you for a wonderful evening, all of you who came to my lecture in Bedford, Pennsylvania last night.

It was a very fun evening.  Instead of a regular “lecture” we had a Fire-Side chat where the floor was opened for questions and we talked off the cuff about anything and everything.

And for those of you who are putting on your Grammar Police badges, I’m going to tell you right now to drop it-

It’s not the word YOUR that is wrong!  The first two words were supposed to be WE’VE GOT!  ((Just kidding….but not!))

Smith Mountain Morning, Bedford Style!

It was a beautiful day in Bedford, PA!
I forget how much further north I am than my home in North Carolina..it was a brisk 55 degrees yesterday morning as we stepped out the door to drive over the American Legion hall where our workshops are being held this weekend.

I drove into town, feeling the cool of nearly-autumn on my skin – reveling in it.  Ahhhh!  Bliss!  I smiled at the low hanging foggy clouds clinging to the sides of the mountains to my right –this place also feels like home as it is nestled into a beautiful landscape.

When I arrived, there were 51 women unloading cars and hauling in machines and class supplies, eager to start the day!

Friday, August 28, 2015

And Well, I HAD to Stop!

I didn’t plan to stop, but I couldn’t help myself!

The car needed gas.

I needed a restroom break!

Besides –there might be hidden treasures in here waiting to be discovered, and if I DIDN’T stop – I might miss them!

I really only hemmed and hawwed for a few moments before my car, already on auto-pilot, took the exit and headed for the Factory Antique Mall in Verona, Virginia.

All the Way to Bedford, PA!

Yesterday was my long driving trip to Bedford Pennsylvania!

I have three days of quilty fun in store – starting with a Smith Mountain Morning workshop this morning, a lecture this evening, a Talkin’ Turkey workshop tomorrow and a Carolina Christmas on Sunday. 

It’s going to be a weekend packed full of fabric, fun and laughter ---bring on the scraps!

Thought it was a long day, I really loved it because it was a DRIVING day.  Driving days are rare, but when they do come about – they put ME in control.

I’m not at the beckon call of airports, airlines and baggage claim mishaps.

I leave when I want.  I pack what I want – and MORE! I stop when I want, I SHOP when I want – and I listen to what I want, even turning the music up loud and belting out a song if I so feel like it.

I can catch up with friends on long phone conversations thanks to the wonder of bluetooth and hands free.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

It’s Quilty Box Time! Give-Away!

It’s that time again!  And have I ever got a Quilty Box for you!

I had to set this box aside while I was opening up yesterday’s machine arrival, but I spent some time with these goodies last evening!

I have plans!

Yes I do!

What” You’ve never heard of Quilty Box?  Let me back track a little bit.
  • Quilty Box is a monthly subscription box. They offer plans from $44-48/mo.
  • 5% of the profits of multi-month subscriptions are donated to Quilts for Kids - a non-profit which donates quilts for children in need
  • Each month we have 4 or more products (Fabric, patterns, thread, or notions)
  • Our retail value of the products in the box is always more than $50

And I Shall Call Her Lily!

THIS arrived yesterday!

Oh, I am so thrilled!

I was contacted by email while I was in Idaho by a woman who is “thinning the herd” of vintage sewing machines --

Her words, not mine, but the term made me giggle!

Would I be interested in a Davis Vertical Feed machine?  She had seen my  post about Becky and her machines while I was in Spokane earlier this year.

Would I?!?  How could I NOT?!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Winner Winner! Quilts from 100 Blocks!

It’s Drawing time!

It’s Drawing time!

And I think we’ve broken a record here!

A personal high at least!

As I sit here to push the button on the Random Number Generator, we have 1,813 entries for this Give-Away!


There are an awful lot of you wanting these two magazine copies AND the 5 fat quarters to go with them!

So I won’t hold you any longer..let’s get down to it!

Out of the Murky!

These are the blocks I was working on during Quilt-Cam last night!  If you missed it, remember you can always catch the re-runs – I’ve linked them all under the Quilt-Cam at the top of the blog!

The story goes that I started these blocks a few years ago, thinking they would be an Addicted to Scraps column, but they were too labor intensive and the crumb piecing would force the column to take up more than one page - -it would be better as a full project.   So on to the back burner it went.

And stayed there.

I uncovered a couple of blocks yesterday while looking for something DIFFERENT that I could work on for Quilt-Cams because let’s face it, neutral string sashings are just BORING after a while.  There are not many more of those to do and I was just wanting something ELSE.

Ahah.  Maybe it’s time for these to come forward?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quilt-Cam 8/25/2015

It’s another Quilt-Cam night!

Are you ready to sew?

Do you have a project needing some attention?

Do you have fabrics to sort, press, cut and kit up?

This is a great time to do it, and I will do it WITH you!

Quilt-Cam doesn’t happen on a regular basis due to my schedule, but I am so happy when the stars align and I find myself home alone of an evening and I can just turn on the live webcam in my studio and you can see what goes on here.  And hopefully it encourages you to squeeze one more hour of productivity out of your day as well!

And remember, if you’ve missed any episodes, they are easily found under the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog for viewing at your leisure!

I love everything about this photo sent in by Nancy in Arizona who joined us during our last Quilt-Cam opportunity.

She writes: